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Stand out in the wealth and finance industry with demand-generating strategic communications and brand storytelling that cuts through the noise. Connect with, captivate, and convert your ideal stakeholders into brand loyalists by ensuring your message resonates where it matters most.

I’ve been fueling commercially successful content marketing campaigns with content strategy and writing since 1997. I got my start with personal finance media outlets and brands writing revelatory, exclusive, data-, research-, and expert-supported consumer content. I became an award-winning business journalist doing this work.

Then, as brands moved to creating their own content marketing experiences, I shifted my focus to wealth industry content for banking and wealth management firms. Today, I offer strategic content solutions to digital managers at B2B and B2C financial brands that target mass affluent and high-net-worth audiences and success-oriented small businesses with advanced wealth literacy content.

But, I also support senior executives at established CDFI loan funds and impact investing-focused wealth industry firms seeking clarity and strategic direction with their larger impact communications strategy.

I collaborate with English-speaking clients globally who want to reach U.S. audiences. Inquiries from managing editors and other principals of marketing platforms and at advertising and marketing agencies internationally are welcome. My most recent clients include three esteemed financial services institutions in Canada.

Choose your brand experience below and contact me today about how I can support your efforts with exceptional communications solutions.

Elevate Your Social Finance Narratives with Strategic Storytelling

UpThink Strategic Communications collaborates as a thought partner and expert strategic impact communications consultant with established CDFI loan funds, sustainable and socially responsible banks and wealth management firms offering social impact investment products to their clients. UpThink also works with CDFIs and other organizations in the climate justice space. 

The consultancy specializes in story-driven content strategy for mission-driven financial institutions. It targets its solutions to meet clients’ unique needs, fueling engagement with and conveying your organizational impact to core stakeholders.

Unique Wealth Industry Content Experiences for Your Multigenerational Consumer Audiences

The Financial Communicator offers external communications support to exceptional B2B and B2C middle market and enterprise finance industry firms that target mass affluent, and high-net-worth clients. Get editorial content solutions that emphasize the advanced wealth literacy to help your audiences confidently develop, grow, manage, enjoy, and transfer their wealth.

I also provide solutions to established industry associations, or consumer finance, or national financial literacy nonprofit platforms.

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